Becoming a Vegan – Teen Perspective

Teen Goes Vegan
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Hello, I am Jayla Aye. I am almost 13 years old and I am the daughter of Flora Aye, the founder of Burmese Vegan. In this blog, I will be sharing what the experience of transitioning to a vegan diet is like from my perspective as well as the pros of being a vegan.

Why Go Vegan

It started when my mother had decided to become a vegan for ethical and health reasons. We had slowly started cutting certain foods out of our diet like meat, dairy products, as well as honey. Although it wasn’t too difficult to adjust to this lifestyle as we would always consume plant-based foods, I found it quite boring as I was always a meat lover. I eventually got more used to the lifestyle as I found substitutes for animal products as well as having certain foods grow on me. Knowing that I could enjoy certain foods that may taste the same as animal products and still be consuming more healthily and ethically had made me stick to being vegan for a while which is also why I’d encourage others to do the same.

There are many advantages to being vegan which I could make a list for, they include :

Fight for Your Well Being

Feeling lighter after consuming large meals.


Gaining less unhealthy weight.


Having a more efficient and quicker working digestion process.


Having less plaque (fatty deposits that may block your bloodstream) form in your blood vessels.


Less body odor.


Less risk of receiving illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.


... And probably more which I have not listed.

Don't Let Anything Discourage You

Through this journey of transitioning into the vegan diet, I would like to thank my younger siblings as they were the ones who had encouraged and helped me get into this healthier lifestyle quicker. I would also like to thank my mother for always introducing me to many types of vegan foods and making sure to feed me nutritious and delicious foods every day. Because of my family, I was able to discover this amazing lifestyle and start living healthier, happier, and more guilt-free than I was before.

Thank you for reading

-Jayla Aye


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    Aung Kyaw Min

    Well said Jayla. A good story retold beautifully. It is very convincing to anybody who wants to start a vegan diet and change lifestyle to live a more healthy life. Thank you.

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    Suvha Chakraborty

    You ate left no crumbs