Green Peppers Paste

20 minutes

super easy

5 servings

There is another condiment in Burmese cooking and households which they make it often; that is Green Peppers Paste. You can enjoy it as a fresh dip, as an ingredient in cooking, as a sauce, and mix with other fresh ingredients.

Very easy to make in modern days because of food processors. If not, we would be mixing and grinding in stone grinders like in a traditional and old-day way. The right ratio of ingredients is needed to make a fresh and tasty paste but it is very free to adjust the flavors of paste according to your personal preference. I love mine with extra parsley as the aroma of parsley is so refreshing for me.

Normally, you can make it fresh and use it quickly. But if you would like to keep it for few days and few more servings, keep it in a glass jar and let it sink under oil. Another hack is you can freeze it in portion.

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