Laphat Tote (Pickled Tea Leaves Salad)

10 minutes

super easy

2 servings

Laphat is the name of pickled tea leaves in Burmese and Tote means mixing/salad. Laphat Tote, Pickled Tea Leaves Salad which you would only see in the category of Burmese food. It is very delicious, very original Burmese food, and very unique with the help of each ingredient involved in the mixing bowl or how it is plated.




There are 2 ways Laphat Tote would be served in the traditional Burmese community. If we are serving guests, we would serve on a big round plate with each ingredient in each place. But If we eat at home with family and friends,  we would mix it all in a big bowl and share it together generously.



Laphat is served in homes to both family and guests as well as Burmese cater and serves this from wedding to funerals culturally and traditionally. Laphat can be served as a side dish, main dish, and a dish in a dessert session.


Ingredients can be varied according to individual preferences. You can adjust the amount, flavors, and ingredients based on occasion and availability. Following the recipe is a classic way of how families enjoy it at home.



To create this Tea Leaves Salad easily at home, get our Marvelous Laphat and Crunchy Delight beans mix to have premium Tea Leaves Salad flavors.

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Adjust Servings
4 tablespoons of Marvelous Tea Leaves
6-8 spoons of Crunchy Delight
Some chopped Cabbage
1 chopped Tomato
3 spoons of Peanuts
Few cloves of Garlic
1 tablespoon of Groundnut Oil
Some Lettuce
Some Cilantro
Some Chillies


Mix all the ingredients in the bowl and enjoy it or plate it on top of white rice. You can sprinkle salt if you need salt.
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