Okra & Kidney Beans Stirfry

25 minutes

super easy

3 servings

This stirfry is so simple and easy to cook yet it is a very nutritious and beautiful dish you can serve as a main dish or side dish from simple daily mealtime to the special occasion. It is a healthy meal for everyone as well. The balanced combination of protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, and minerals for the human body. Did I mention that it is so delicious and the sweetness of beans, carrot, and okra all melted in garlic aroma?

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260 gram of boiled or steamed Kidney Beans About 1 cup of beans
200 gram of Okra
200 gram of Carrot
1-2 cloves of Garlic
1 tablespoon of cooking oil
Little Salt
Little White Pepper


Please chop the garlic finely and chop the size you desired to Carrot and Okra.
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Heat the pan with oil. Add chopped garlic when the pan is heated and make the pan be aromatic with the garlic before the actual cooking begins.
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Add the chopped Carrot when garlic turned golden and continue to cook together until Carrot is semi-cooked.
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Then add chopped Okra to the pan and pan-fry with Carrot.
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After 5 minutes, add boiled Kidney Beans, sprinkle salt and white pepper.
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Continue to stir-fry everything for about 10 minutes with low-medium heat temperature.
After that, you are ready to plate this beautiful Okra & Kidney Beans Stir-fry.
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