Tumeric Rice Pot

30 minutes


3 servings

I don’t know why but 80% of Burmese food has Tumeric as an ingredient. Burmese like to put Tumeric in everything they cook to flavor and add that heart-warming color in dishes. It also smells better when heated with oil and other ingredients. I can’t complain as we all know Tumeric has so many health benefits for us. Yes, a lot of traditional Burmese medicine also uses Tumeric as an ingredient.

I love Tumeric rice and I cook at home often. But it is not something we would consider traditional food surprisingly in the love affair of Burmese and Tumeric. I normally cook Tumeric rice with rice cooker but I also use this way as this technique gives a more golden color to the rice and is denser with a Tumeric aroma.

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2 cups of Rice (long grain)
4 cups of Water
1 tablespoon of Tumeric
1/2 teaspoon of Salt
3 tablespoons of Sunflower Oil or any
3 teaspoons of Brown Sugar
A little bit of Cumin seeds/powder
A bit of chopped Culantro


Heat the oil and sprinkle Tumeric when oil is heated.
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Add 2 cups of Rice and 4 cups of Water. Cover the lid and cook in medium heat.
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Sprinkle Salt, Sugar and Cumin in rice, stir well and cover with lid, continue to cook until rice gets softer. Add more water if needed.
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When rice is well-cooked, sprinkle chopped Culantro on top of rice to add as garnish of the meal. It will give more tasty smell too.
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