Baby Eggplants and Tomatoes Stew

25 minutes


2 servings

This recipe is a very heart-warming traditional Burmese dish adopted in a vegan version. You can serve it with rice or flatbread, couscous or on top of your pasta. Traditionally, we enjoy this with steamed white rice.

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4 pieces of Baby Eggplants (Round Eggplants)
2 pieces of medium Tomatoes
1 piece of medium Onion
4 cloves of Garlic
1 inch of Ginger
4 tablespoon of Sunflower Oil (or any)
1/6 teaspoon of Salt
A little bit of Black Pepper
A little bit of Rosemary Herb or Parsley
A little bit of chopped Spring Onion


Add oil into the pan and heat the oil.
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Add a mixture of onion, garlic and ginger to the oil when the oil is heated.
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Stir the mixture and sprinkle a little bit of Turmeric powder for aroma and color of the dish.
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Cut the heads of mini eggplants, cut + sign on half and place at the center of the pot or pan.
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Cover the pot/pan for 5 minutes with medium heat.
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When the eggplants started to cook and see the softer skin and flesh inside, cut medium tomatoes in the same way as we did to eggplants in + sign. Place the eggplants in the pot with eggplants together.
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Sprinkle salt and black pepper on tomatoes and eggplants, cover the pot with a lid for 5-10 mins over medium heat.
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You can turn off the heat when the vegetables are cooked to your desired texture.
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You can chop some spring onion or parsley to top to finish your dish or you can sprinkle some rosemary herb for dressing and aroma.
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If you are someone who likes stew with more liquid, you need to add water a bit while cooking tomatoes and eggplants.