Fried Chickpea Tofu

20 minutes


2 servings

If you have made Burmese Chickpea Tofu, Fried Chickpea Tofu to make is a piece of cake. But If you haven’t created Chickpea Tofu yet, please check out the recipe and have Chickpea Tofu ready to fry. If you need Chickpea Flour, please order from here. Raw Chickpea flour and Roasted Chickpea flour are stapled kitchen ingredients in Burmese households. So, we will have all the essential elements to make Burmese Vegan meals in our shopyou can easily order from us, and we will ship your ingredients with love and special care.

You can side your fried tofu with Chillies Oil for the sauce and dipping, which should be another essential ingredient in households. You can mix soy sauce, vinegar, and roasted white sesame for another sauce. I will list everything you would need to enjoy your Fried Chickpea Tofu.

I fry the Pan-Fried version with little oil on a marble/granite coating pan as a note about frying. You can use your air-fryer if you are used to it. Traditionally, Burmese people also do a deep-fried version with lots of oil in a wok. You can try any option based on your preference. Pan-fried ones come out a little soft inside with firm in the outer layer. Deep-fried ones come out more crispy.

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Adjust Servings
500 gram of Chickpea Tofu
2 tablespoons of cooking oil of your choice
2 tablespoons of ChilliesOil
5 tablespoons of Light Soy-Sauce
2 tablespoons of Rice Vinegar
1 tablespoon of melted Burmese Vegan Brown Sugar Slab You can use normal brown sugar syrup or liquid too.
1 tablespoon of roasted White Sesame
For Plating
A bit of green vegetable or some herb as garnish


For Frying
Cut Chickpea Tofu in your desired shapes evenly. If you want it to be more crispy texture, cut it thin and if you want it fluffy texture, cut it in thicker size.
Heat the oil to be at at least 300-350 degree F to fry. If you want your Tofu to be more crispy, set the heat around 375 F, it fries faster and get it crispy in shorter time.
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For Sauce and Dips
Mix Soy-sauce, Vinegar, Brown Sugar Syrup and White Sesame as mentioned in ingredients list. To get Brown Sugar Syrup, you can crush the Burmese Vegan Brown Sugar slab and mix with lukewarm water or water in room temperature. Natural brown sugar makes the sauce taste better in my experience.
And also side with Chillies Oil from Burmese Vegan recipe.
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