Chillies Oil

20 mins

super easy

12 servings

Chilies oil is essential for Burmese people like how our whole South East Asian food is mainly the combination of sweet, salty, sour, and spicy in the majority of our dishes. I do not make chilies oil at home as I can’t eat spicy food and the smell of cooking requires good ventilation and a really strong smell for surroundings. In Asian grocery stores, you can buy chilies oil and paste easily to cook as they are made ready for you in packs as well.


But I have always seen my grandmother, aunts, and cousins made at home while growing up. They all love spicy food so much. Burmese people would put this chilies oil on noodles, rice, and salad like they do with Garlic Oil and Onion Oil. Following recipes I have published go very well to pair with this Chillies Oil as well; Coconut Rice, Tumeric RiceRice Noodles Salad, and San Byoke Rice Porridge.


Very easy to make as follows and you only need very few ingredients.

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250 ml of cooking Oil
250 gram of Chillies flakes
1 teaspoon of Salt
1 tablespoon of Sugar (Brown tastes better)


Heat the oil in pot with very high heat until it gets bubbly.
Mark as complete
Lower the heat when the oil is very heated. Add chillies flakes and fry them until they get crispy and cooked well.
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Make sure to have all the ventilation options available before making as kitchen ventilator is on, windows are open and have air flow in and out in the kitchen.