Making Onion Oil for Burmese Salads

30 minutes

super easy

10 servings

Onion Oil is the essential cooking oil Burmese use in their salad and dishes as a topping. Onion has that sweet flavor that enhances food flavors, presentation, and the aroma of serving food. Naturally, onions have sugar and esters, and they get caramelized when heated highly, which adds sweetness and complexity to the flavors of food.


Making cooked onion oil is the same as how we make garlic oil.

I can’t imagine all those Burmese rice salads, noodles salads, and veggies salad without the touch of sweet onion oil involving. Burmese use crispy onion/shallots alone as topping in some desserts as well. Onion oil is our national dressing for salads. I know no Burmese don’t love onion oil or crispy onion/shallots in our food.


According to my experience, smaller red shallots make a sweeter flavor than big white onion. But it is still caramelized and gets sweeter when it gets cooked at a high temperature.

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2-3 big onion
1.5 teaspoon of Tumeric Powder
250 ml of cooking oil


Peel onions and finely chopped to all of them.
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Heat the oil in very high temperature.
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When the oil gets bubbly, add chopped onion.
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Add one tablespoon of Tumeric powder on top of onion and stir them well.
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Cook them until all the onion get well-cooked. For onion, it gets longer than garlic as they get soften first as caramelizing process. Keep cooking them in high heat.
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Adjust the heat if onion started to get golden-brown, slowly turn down the heat until it gets crispy.
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Then you can turn off the heat, let it cool down and keep in glass jar for weeks in normal room temperature.
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You can always add onion oil on top of your rice and noodles to add sweetness and that heart-warming flavor to create your comfort food.